There are two ports in Mari. One of them operates as an industrial port and the other as a fishing port.

The fishing port operates in the community since the 1970’s. It has been changed and improved since then, as it was initially constructed so as to fulfill the need of “Vassilikos Cement Company”.

The above-mentioned little port serves the need of the community of Mari as well as the need of its surrounding communities, such as Maroni and Zygi. It can host up to fifty boats.

The industrial port is used by the cement companies in the community, that of Vassilikos and Moni. It also operated in the 1970’s. It can host up to five big trade ships.

Undoubtedly, both ports add to the beauty of the community, especially when the yawls enter the fishing port.

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There are four pits in Mari, which operate under the supervision of Moni and Vassilikos cement companies.

Two of the pits are located on the southeast of the community, at the Kolymbos area. Argil is excavated from these pits as it is the feedstock for cement production.

The other two pits are located in the southeast, at the Mandra tou Michaeli area and south of the community, at Maraggadeas area accordingly. Argil is excavated from the first and limestone from the latter. Both argil and limestone are the basic ingredients for cement production.

It must be noted that cement companies financially contribute to the construction of many projects in the community. “Vassilikos” company funded the opening of a bore for water, solving the irrigation problem of the community. “Moni” Cement Company funded many road works.

Undoubtedly, both cement companies contribute financially to the economic growth of the area. Many inhabitants of Mari and its surrounding communities work for these two companies.

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